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Wipe Schedule

Our Server has a bi-weekly map wipe on Thursdays at 1430 EST. This means that the map will be wiped clean and you will start on a new map that is voted on by your fellow players.

The first Thursday of every new Quarter will be a Skill Tree wipe. Economics never wipes but is capped at $500,000. Vehicle license never wipes.

Epic Loot

Epic Loot adds additional RPG style loot to crates, NPC corpses, barrels and crafting. There is a chance that an enhanced piece with varying set types and modifiers will appear in a loot crate, barrel or corpse. Wearing more than 1 of the same type of item will provide the user with a set bonus. Depending on the set type, they may get access to higher mining yields, more damage to scientists or even access to exclusive loot tables that proc while gathering. There are currently 24 different set types and 27 unique set bonuses!

Skill Tree

Skill Tree is a highly detailed RPG based mod for Rust that allows players to earn XP, Levels, and Abilities that change the aspect of the game. As players earn XP and increase levels they gain points that can be used to increase different abilities that effect gathering, loot amounts, player attributes, and much much more. Skill Tree is wiped Quarterly.


Our Server offers a variety of special events.

Bot Purge event, Eradication Event, Convoy, Boss Monsters, Harbor Event, Power plant Event, Satellite Dish Event, Junkyard Event, Airfield Event, and Arctic Research event. These are great ways to gain experience. And some awesome loot.

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