Change Logs

  • Town and Hotel

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      We have added the /town command to the teleportation. You can now use this command to be teleported right outside of the hotel. The Hotel is your premier starting point and rooms can be rented starting at 250 scrap for the wipe. If you decide that you want to build your own base you can ask the Admins for a 75 percent refund on scrap. This allows the room to be rented out to another new arrival. Each room comes with a Tier 2 Kit that will get you started on your Rustopian Experience.

  • Jim The Jeweler

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      We've introduced a variety of gems that are obtainable while mining if you've activated the Mining Luck skill in the skill tree. These precious gems can be exchanged with a custom NPC located just outside the recyclers at the outpost. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates, as we plan to introduce the ability to trade fine furs, leathers, bones gathered from animal skinning, and both white and black pearls acquired through fishing, provided you have the corresponding skills enabled.