1. No Racism or Hate Speech: Any form of racism, hate speech, or discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated. Treat all players with respect.
  2. No Cheating or Hacking: Cheating, hacking, or using any unfair advantage to gain an upper hand is strictly prohibited. This includes using third-party software or exploiting game bugs.
  3. No Griefing: Intentionally destroying or obstructing another player's progress, base, or items is not allowed. PvP is allowed, but griefing is not.
  4. No Toxic Behavior: Maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere. Harassment, bullying, or excessive trash-talking is not acceptable.
  5. No Offensive Content: Do not share or create content that is sexually explicit, offensive, or inappropriate. This applies to signs, chat, and other in-game features.
  6. Respect Admins and Players: Follow the instructions of server admins and treat all players fairly. Do not impersonate admins or create unnecessary conflicts.
  7. No Exploitation: Do not abuse glitches, exploits, or unintended mechanics for personal gain. Report any such issues to admins promptly.
  8. English in Global Chat: Use English when communicating in the global chat to ensure everyone can understand and participate.
  9. No Advertising: Refrain from promoting other servers, communities, or products within the server unless given explicit permission.
  10. No Unauthorized Sharing of Personal Information: Do not share personal information about other players without their consent.
  11. Reporting Violations: Report any rule violations or suspicious behavior to the server admins through the designated channels.